Wine Tours in Sicily

wine tours in sicily

Welcome to a paradise for wine lovers


Is Sicily good for wine, you ask? The inhabitants of this enchanted isle have been making wine since 4000
BC. With that much practice, it’s no surprise that they’re very, very good at it. The Greeks, the Phoenicians,
the Islamic caliphates of North Africa, the Normans and the Angevin French, and of course the Italians, have
all left their mark. Modern Sicilian expertise reflects the accomplishments and refinements of over 6
Can you visit vineyards in Sicily? Absolutely! We offer some of the best wine tours in Sicily, and our Expert
Drivers accompany you on an exploration of the great diversity of Sicily’s landscapes, microclimates, and
indigenous varietals. Are you asking yourself which wineries to visit in Sicily? Let us take care of that! We
have relationships with some of the best wineries in Sicily. We provide options for private wine tours from
and private wine tours from Taormina as easy day trips. You can also embark on an Etna wine
, a wine tasting in Siracusa, or a discovery of Nero d’Avola, Sicily’s best-known varietal.
If you’re wondering, “What time of year is best for wine tours?” or “How do I plan a wine tour in Italy?”,
wonder no longer. Coming to Sicily in May to June or September to October means avoiding the crowds of
visitors that throng to our island during the hot summer months. As for planning, our team at Sunny Sicily
has already done the leg work and developed several itineraries to choose from, based on city of departure
and on your own tastes and preferences.
Revel in your Sicily wine holiday with Sunny Sicily and travel in style!


From € 210
A joy on any table: Nero d'Avola red wine is an expression of elegance, power, balance and exaltation of the unique scents of the lands of Sicily.
From € 210
A perfect wine, “worthy of the table of any gentleman”. Discover how the legendary Marsala wine, a noble and versatile drink, was created.
From € 210
A unique chance to experience first-hand what makes the wines of Etna so special. You’ll meet our winemaker friends and fall in love with their land and grapes.
From € 210
The Romans believed that “the necessary ingredients of civilization are wine and olive oil.” Learn why it’s still true today in the stunning southeastern corner of Sicily.