Tailor Made Italy: Sicily West to East

    Tailor Made Italy: Sicily West to East

    Tailor Made Italy: Sicily West to East

    Set sail on the Mediterranean coast with your friends and family, with expert guides
    and an itinerary that you can customize to your interests, departing when you
    choose and with expert local guides leading the way. Embark on a journey through
    history as you explore Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean and home to
    five UNESCO world heritage sites.

    Experience its enduring influences, from its eclectic capital of Palermo to the vulcan
    Mount Etna. With our expert local guides leading the way, you can customize your
    itinerary to your interests and take in the unique charms of this historic crossroads.

    A&K Advantages
    A Sicily tour will deliver a blend of culture and nature in one unforgettable
    adventure. Taste wines from grapes grown in a volcanic soil,explore the island’s
    culture with stops at ancient Greek temples, Roman ruins and UNESCO World
    Heritage Sites, explore streets lined with colorful Sicilian architecture, and
    experience cultural performances.

    For an unforgettable holiday, be sure to stop into Italy’s westernmost city of
    Messina and observe its 17th-century architecture. From there, head over to
    Taormina, on the toe of mainland Sicily, which offers breathtaking views of the sea
    and Mount Etna.

    A trip to Sicily is an experience rich in history, culture and natural beauty. This
    itinerary will show you the best of Sicily from its most beautiful cities and
    archeological sites to its incredible food and wine.

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