Godfather Tour

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    From 4 to 6 hours depending on pick up place

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    Enjoy Savoca's most famous attraction: Bar Vitelli
    Enter the church where Michael and Apollonia got married
    See the famous house where Vito Corleone was born
    Get commentary from our expert drivers who are very passionate about Sicily and its unique history and culture.
    Relax and indulge in the beautiful sicilian countryside as you are comfortably driven in our luxury vehicles.
    Full Description

    Our unique Godfather tour begins in Savoca, unchanged since the arrival of Paramount Pictures in the early 70's and only a few kilometers away from eternally fashionable Taormina. The road leading to this lovely village passes through some beautiful seaside towns along the rugged coastline of Sicily overlooking the italian peninsula. It's a breathtaking scenic drive with some twists and turns and, for sure, not one for the fainthearted. Once we arrive in town,  we stop at the picturesque Bar Vitelli that looks exctly the way it did when Michael Corleone managed to inform Apollonia's father that he was "an american in hiding". Unfortunately signora Maria, who owned the establishment during the shootings, is no longer around to entartain you with little anecdotes but no worries: our expert driver will make sure you get to know all the tales about director F.F. Coppola and the film crew. After checking out some pictures and memorabilia, you can sit at a table and enjoy a cup of coffe or a refreshing lemon granita while recalling the most memorable dialogues from the movie scenes. Later we will stroll around the town and reach  the church of Santa Lucia, where the scene of the wedding was shot. After visiting this lovely little church, we will set forth for another wonderful town used as a shooting location: Forza D'Agrò. Only a few kilometers away, here as we start walking around the narrow streets to see more filming locations, we'll recall more scenes from the Trilogy and hopefully meet some Sicilians that can add more tales about "Il Padrino", one of the most widely imitated, quoted and lampooned films of all time.

    Historical information

    The history of the town of Savoca has its roots in the Roman era, when, according to some historians, the first nucleus of the present historical center was founded. The site was frequented by the Byzantines and subsequently was enhanced by the Arabs, starting from the ninth century. But it was with the Normans (in the twelfth century) that the hill town acquired the prestige that allowed it to reach between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries a remarkable political, religious, economic and cultural development. In the nineteenth century decadence began, the depopulation due to the migration of the inhabitants to the coastal centers or outside Sicily has seriously endangered the survival of Savoca, which under the fascist regime lost its municipal autonomy, regaining it only in 1948. Only in the last 45 years, this decadence seems to have stopped, thanks to the discovery of tourism. Today Savoca is a City of Art inserted in the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy and since 2016 holds the third place in the ranking of the 10 most beautiful villages in the world.


    Luxury air conditioned Mercedes vehicle.
    Pick up and drop off right on front door
    English speaking Driver for the day at disposal
    All local Taxes, gasoline, highway/parking tolls
    Driver's meal
    Admission fees where required unless otherwise specified
    Gratuities are at client's discretion


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