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The island has become one of the most important wine regions in Italy for the great diversity of its land, indigenous grape varietals and microclimates. It was believed that winemaking developed in Sicily with the arrival of the Greeks around the 8th century B.C. The recent discovery of terracotta jars in a cave on Mount Kronio dating back 6000 years ago is of great importance, considering that the Southern Anatolia and Transcaucasian region were traditionally believed to be the cradle of grape domestication and early viticulture.

These Copper Age jars establish a completely new, much older, timeline for the birth of wine in Europe and the Mediterranean, dating back way before ancient Greek or Roman Bacchanals, making Sicily the oldest wine producing region in Italy. Today it's Italy's largest and, probably, the best!  Blessed with consistently bright sunshine and reliably moderate rainfall, Sicily's Mediterranean climate is ideally suited to the production of some of the finest wines. 

Join us to discover the unique flavors of these great whites and reds on a private tour at your own pace. Choose your wine tour based on your personal preferences and place of stay and count on our expert drivers to provide that extra attention needed to enhance your wine touring experience!


A joy on any table, Nero d'Avola is an expression of elegance, power, balance and exaltation of the unique scents of the lands of Sicily and today a reference point for reds from Sicilian autochthonous grapes.
A perfect wine, “worthy of the table of any gentleman”. Discover how the legendary Marsala wine, a noble and versatile drink, was created.
What makes the wines of Etna so special? Umm,....the grapes, the soil and the winemakers that we have meticulously selected for you. If bone-dry wine is your mantra, look no further and book this delightful tour with us.
As the Romans used to say, “the necessary ingredients of civilization are wine and olive oil.” If you agree with this motto, choose this wonderful private tour and then you'll be glad you did!