Sicily Tours from Messina

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Myths and legends, scientific relevance, cultural and educational value. Discover the fiery facts behind Sicily's iconic volcano.
From € 62
There are some places that, once seen, are never forgotten. Taormina, with the astonishing architectural remains of countless invaders, is one of them.
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It’s not easy to choose what's not to be missed while you are in Sicily because of its countless works of art. But if you choose not to do this day trip, you will regret it for the rest of your life!
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The sights, exciting sounds and oriental atmosphere of the markets of Catania will intrigue the most discerning travellers. Located at the foot of Etna which often provides thrilling eruptions, Catania is an undisputed example of Sicilian Baroque and one of a kind city!
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What makes the wines of Etna so special? Umm,....the grapes, the soil and the winemakers that we have meticulously selected for you. If bone-dry wine is your mantra, look no further and book this delightful tour with us.
From € 62
F.F. Coppola chose Savoca as a location to film the Godfather 37 years before the village was recognised as one of the most beautiful in Italy! You are not gonna wait for so long before visiting it, are you?

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